Tap Tap… Is This Thing On? (Pilot Episode ZERO – Before We Got Our Podcast Game Right)

Clip 1 “What is a 2 step URL and why is it important”

Clip 2 “What makes a great gift?”

Clip 3 “What tools or strategies do you use to keep the buy box as long as you can?”

Clip 4 “Do you use the entire phrase in the listing and use segments in the backend?”

Clip 5 “What would be your suggestion to rectify customers receiving the wrong product?”

Clip 6 “Would you recommend combining product to get the benefit of both traffic”

Clip 7 “How to maximize the last part of Q4”

Clip 8 “When I look under variations, there’s no category for wording. Can I just pick a variation category?”

Clip 9 “Are you saying to rewrite your title?”

Clip 10 “Should I Add Red Bows on my Images?”

Clip 11 “How useful do you think Google can be to replace PPC?”

This is the first ever episode of Seller Round Table – We’re calling this episode 0. Here we get out feet wet and learn how to do the podcast thing. Bear with us, as each episode gets better. In this episode, we cover Q & A from Amazon seller’s trying to solve a problem they’re having with their Amazon FBA business.

In SRT #0, we talked with Danny Carlson from Kenji ROI. We covered Amazon listing optimization, our favorite tools, and how to automate some of your day to day tasks.

Things we mention in episode 0 of SRT:

AliExpress – https://www.aliexpress.com/
WordPress – https://wordpress.com/
ClickFunnels – https://www.clickfunnels.com/
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/
Amazon FBA Keyword Tool – http://tiny.cc/kwtool

Join us every Tuesday at 1PM PST for free amazon coaching and Q&A at https://sellerseo.com/seller-roundtable

Try the greatest Amazon seller tools on the planet free for 30 days at https://sellerseo.com


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