“Hook and Pitch” Differentiating your Amazon FBA Brand and Converting Customers Like a Boss – with Kristin Schulze of Nectar House

Clip 1 Kristine Schulze Background

Clip 2 Fundamentals of Brand Messaging

Clip 3 Business Plan

Clip 4 Importance of Marketing Plan

Clip 5 Sales & Distribution

Clip 6 Brand Hook

Clip 7 Hook for Brands with Broad Spectrum

Clip 8 Seller SEO Hook

Clip 9 Sales Pitch

Clip 10 Private Label and Wholesale Pitch

Clip 11 Pitch for Different Audiences

Clip 12 Selling on Amazon Outside USA/Canada

Clip 13 Same Brand Name, Different Niche

Clip 14 Importance of Customer Avatar

Clip 15 Boosting Sales in Different Audiences

Clip 16 End Customer of Gift Products

Things we mention in episode 7 of SRT:

AirTable – https://buff.ly/23fu3mX
Alibaba – https://buff.ly/2G3DY8E
Thomasnet – https://buff.ly/2Krtv9V
DHGate – https://buff.ly/2tIQhUe

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