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Danny:  Danny, one of your favorite tools, whether it’s like for Amazon or for like just your business, like what are your favorite tools that you use? Favorite tools? Uh, I mean the first one that really popped to mind that I think not that many people know about is more of a task management automation tool. It’s called podio and it’s very similar to Trello. You can set it up in boards or you can set it up and lists and stuff like that, but it’s a lot more powerful. It has a built in, um, a built in program that basically does what Zapier does. So Zapier is like an automat and automation, you know, if, if the trigger happens, if x happens, then it’s going to like send an email to this person or I going to be, and podio has one of his own tools built in this actually more powerful than Xavier.

Danny: So we have a lot of really powerful automations. For example, if we drag one task from one column into another specific column, then like all this stuff happens automatically behind the scenes. That probably eliminates the need for probably like a 30 hour week general virtual assistant. Just everything we have set up in there. Yeah. So podio is a really powerful one for task automation. Um, I don’t necessarily think if it’s just you, you don’t need something like this, but if you start to scale into a team, right, it’s like $15 a month or something for the entire, for everything. And it saves so much time. Cool. All right. Yeah. Awesome. Um, so one thing I’ve been like super into, and Denny, you’re probably this way too because it sounds like you’re a tool guy is, um, is like growth hacking stuff like automation, especially like I love tools, like, like you were just talking about, I haven’t heard of that, so I actually got to go check it out and that’s cool.

Danny: Um, but like anything that will automate things is fantastic. So, um, you know, if you’re getting into Instagram, uh, a really cool tool is Isseu dude, I don’t know if you’ve heard of that. It’s Insta Zoom [inaudible] dot com. And what that’ll do is that’ll automate like your, um, your, um, uh, your Instagram. So if you’re trying to build an audience on Instagram, you can go in there and say like, okay, like I want to target, you know, see you’re selling baby things. You can go in and target people who are, who are, you know, putting a Hashtag baby in or like Hashtag mom life or something like that. You could actually go in with the software and say, Hey, I want to fall everybody who’s posting about that. Um, and then hopefully you’ll get a follow back. So really, really good, cool way to build your, build your brand on Instagram.

Danny: Do it in an automated sense knowing that. But with a lot of these tools, if they’re kind of like spammy and kind of like black hat, but in this case because you’re actually targeting people who, uh, would most likely want to see your products or services, to me it’s a little less family because you’re actually targeting people who would be into, um, into that, uh, that niche. Okay. Absolutely. I actually have a one that has started using only about a month ago or so. It’s a free chrome extension called invite all and it works with Facebook. So, um, it’s a really good way to build the audience on your Facebook page is to um, you just run some basic ads, like $5 ads for every piece of content you put out. Um, and then everyone who likes that ad, then you can use the invite all chrome extension to invite all those people to your page all the same time. So let’s say that you know, you, you spend $5 and he got 100 likes on your ad, it’s pretty reasonable. If you’re targeting the right audiences, then you can use it, invite all chrome extension and it will automatically, um, it’ll automatically select all the people on there and invite the, otherwise you have to go down and click each one of the manually, right? So I’ve seen that one.

Danny:  And you’re not paying for people to go like your page from India or something like that. I necessarily recommend that you’re actually getting people who are interested in your content because they liked it to like your page. Yeah. Cool. All right. Um, let’s see. Anything else I wanted to mention? Oh, what was the, uh, you mentioned a video editing software. What was that? The editing software. Oh yeah, that was, that’s the software that we use for video versioning. So when our video editor, when it comes up with the first draft to something, go upload it there and then it allows me to make all these annotations on it, comments and certain places for all the changes and revisions and stuff like that. And it’s called frame dot. Io really makes it a lot easier to go through that whole process for sure. Awesome. I gotta check that one out.

Andy:  That’s something we might use. All right, cool. Um, yeah, I think that’s a, I think we covered, um, tool, like a bunch of good tools. Hopefully people can dive in and check some of those tools out. Um, like I said, one of my biggest focuses, right? Our systems is huge in our business and then automation and then growth hacking. Those are all, like kind of the three big things were, um, you know, we’re working on right now. Um, and I think that in this day and age of you’re not working on those, you’re going to get left behind, especially on the automated side. Um, so definitely start, you know, digging into that.

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In SRT #1, we talked with Danny Carlson from Kenji ROI. We covered Amazon listing optimization, our favorite tools, and how to automate some of your day to day tasks.

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