Amazon Legal Ninja Jeff Schick (Part 2)

Clip 1 Jeff Schick Introduction

Clip 2 Frustration in Amazon

Clip 3 Project Zero Program

Clip 4 Private Label Seller To Hijacker

Clip 5 Counterfeit Product

Clip 6 Reselling Purchased Product

Clip 7 Shipment

Clip 8 LLC Account

Clip 9 Retail and Online Arbitrage

Clip 10 Trademark

Clip 11 Buy Existing Trademark

Clip 12 Trademark Broker

Clip 13 Filing Trademark

Clip 14 US Laws

Clip 15 Proposition 65

Clip 16 Laws for Sellers

Clip 17 Jeff Schick Contact Details

Things we mention in episode 21 of SRT:

Amazon Project Zero:
Jeff Schick E-mail:
Profit First Book:

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