Without Fail – Find the Perfect VA – Melissa Smith (Part 2)

Without Fail Find the Perfect VA – Melissa Smith (Part 2). We talk to Mellisa Smith on how to find the perfect VA for your SMB.

Clip 1 Melissa Introduction

Clip 2 Virtual Assistant

Clip 3 Hiring VA

Clip 4 Hiring VA

Clip 5 Source of VA

Clip 6 Best Country to Get VAs

Clip 7 Task for VA

Clip 8 Benefits for VA

Clip 9 Resources

Clip 10 Tracking VA

Clip 11 VA Expectation

Clip 12 Firing VAs

Clip 13 Communication is the Key

Clip 14 VA Requirements

Clip 15 1099

Clip 16 Melissa Contact Details

Things we mention in episode 15 of SRT:

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