Trump Tariffs – time sensitive tips with Michael Brown (Part 1)

Clip 1 Introduction

Clip 2 What Is Tiers?

Clip 3 Avoid Tiers in DDP

Clip 4 Types of Shipment

Clip 5 FOBĀ 

Clip 6 Tiers Cost

Clip 7 Gray Hatch Trick

Clip 8 Changing HTS Code

Clip 9 Bribery Products

Clip 10 Shipping Services

Clip 11 Shipping Process Calculation

Clip 12 Shipping Process

Clip 13 Tips to Decrease Fees

Clip 14 Shipment Time frame

Clip 15 Alternative Sources

Clip 16 Ensuring Transshipments

Clip 17 Imports Fees and Things to Consider



Trump Tariffs (Part 1) – We’re skipping ahead because this is such valuable info! On this episode of Seller Round Table, we will be diving into tariffs with the president and owner of Brownstone International, Michael Brown. How will the tariffs affect your Amazon business? Is there anything you can do to mitigate the effects on your private label brands? We cover it all in this Seller Round Table!

Things we mention in this session of Seller Round Table:

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