Secret Tips On How Source In China Like An Expert (Part 2)

Secret Tips On How Source In China Like An Expert (Part 2)

Clip 1 Introduction

Clip 2 Overview Canton Fair

Clip 3 Why Canton Fair

Clip 4 Protecting Ideas

Clip 5 Product You’re Looking For

Clip 6 Building Relationship

Clip 7 Navigate Communication Aspect

Clip 8 Picking Factory Tour

Clip 9 How to Know Trading or Factory Big Brands Manufacturer

Clip 10 Negotiation And Prices

Clip 11 7x Sourcing In Amazon

Clip 12 Trade Assurance in Alibaba

Clip 13 What is 7x?

Clip 14 Target Price

Clip 15 Getting Samples

Clip 16 Getting Around Workout

Clip 17 Budget Whole Trip

Things we mention in episode 15 of SRT:

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Canton Fair:
Canton Fair Workbook:
Global Sources:
Yiwu Market:

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