Simple Pinterest And Social Media Tips to Boost E-Commerce Sales with Deanna Balestra (Part 1)

Clip 1 Deanna’s Company Services Introduction

Clip 2 Growth Of Business Owner’s Team

Clip 3 Social Media Platforms

Clip 4 Pinterest & IG for Amazon Sellers

Clip 5 Grow a Following on Instagram

Clip 6 Tools for Slower Growth

Clip 7 Driving Sales on Instagram

Clip 8 Using Hashtags

Clip 9 Organic Reach

Clip 10 Grow a Following on Pinterest

Clip 11 Best SEO Reach

Clip 12  Tools on Pinterest

Clip 13 Strategy for Pinterest Pins

Clip 14 Driving Product Sales on Pinterest

Clip 15 Use of Board on Pinterest

Clip 16 Uses of Influencers

Clip 17 Wholesalers in Different Categories

Clip 18 Cost of Deanna’s Services and Contact Details

Simple Pinterest And Social Media Tips to Boost E-Commerce Sales with Dianna Balestra. Learn how a simple pin can change your entire E-c0mmerce strategy. We go over why’s it’s essential to use Pinterest to drive sales and visibility for your E-commerce brand. Get your pin on!

Things we mention in episode 11 of SRT:

Adobe Photoshop:
Amazing At Home:
Deanna Balestra:
Facebook Ads:
Facebook Store:
Pinterest Keyword Tool:
Side Hustle Nation:
Social Media for Small Businesses:

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